Rasterized Dream: Intro to POKEY – ip30

Impulse Project episode 30

Today we’re bringing out the Atari 8 bit line of computers for a spotlight on the 4-channel POKEY chip. 

  • Candy_Mountain.sapBeWu^Grayscale (Stereo SAP 22kb)
  • pulse.sap – Sven Tegethoff^Gnome Design (Mono SAP 12kb)
  • Failure_Dream.sap – Greg^Greyscale (Stereo SAP 9kb)
  • bells.sap – Daxey (Mono SAP 5kb)
  • Shake Your Ass.sap – X-Ray (Stereo SAP 14kb)
  • THC_TMC.sap – Pinokio (Stereo SAP 10kb)
  • Third.sapXTD (Stereo SAP 9kb)
  • Rasterized Circles.sap – Warlord (Stereo SAP 11kb)

download the files here –> impulseproject30.tar.gz | cue sheet

*artwork credit: “Guru Meditation” by Raphis (1st at Wap-Niak 2017 gfx compo)

Ice Cream Ridge – ip03

episode 03 mixes some of the new and some of the old. each track could have been in a game to some degree but, nope! all standalone gems. enjoy!

  • quartex.mod reflex (4 channel 32k)
  • Frigid_Ridge.itNgen, Mooncell, and Scenemusic (27 ch 195kb)
  • icecreamorchards.itipi and goluigi (19 channel 12kb)
  • seeker – xtd^union (4 channel 26k)
  • ekorren-crackchip.it – Ekorren (8 channel 214k)
  • algar_-_adengrenclementin.xm – algar^TJC (4 channel 13k)

download the files –> impulseproject03.tar.gz

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9