System Drift: Intro to the Beeper – ip40

in this installment of the impulse project, we take a listen to some of the simpler things in life. the beeper (PC Speaker). even though the hardware has extremely limited capabilities, certain artists thrive in the 1bit world and have created some pretty amazing stuff. let’s take a listen.

  • utztape2.tap – irrlicht project (ZX Beeper)
  • System Beeps.wav – shiru (shiru8bit) (IBM PC Beeper)
  • 04_FACTOR6_-_Thirty – Factor6^1-bit Wizards (ZX Beeper)
  • BotB 30624 Ataritufty – Beeperman.tap – Ataritufty (ZX Beeper)
  • Mister BEEP – Interstellar Drift (2015) (Multimatograf 2016).ay – Mister BEEP^1-bit Wizards  (ZX Beeper)
  • CatchingUp.ay – Shiru (ZX Beeper)

download the files here –>

*artwork credit: “utztape #2” by irrlicht project
2011 ZX Spectrum 48K Beeper Music

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