Plastic Sheep: Scene Tunes from Game Composers – ip17

we always focus on the music from the scene and community, but there’s also a lot of overlap with video games. in this episode we’ve got a great selection of music from game composers that got started as sceners. join in as we look at some music from early in their careers.

  • world_of_plastic.s3m – Purple Motion^Future Crew (8 channel S3M 62kb)
  • d-funked memory.mod – nuke^anarchy (4 channel MOD 70kb)
  • waow.s3m – virt (5 channel S3M 11kb)
  • Hardcastle.sid – Demon (4kb SID 6581)
  • 3_Tunes.sid – Choroid (12kb SID 6581)
  • There_Are_No_Sheep.sndh – Mad Max^The Exceptions (Atari ST)
original files/modules located here –> impulseproject17.tar.gz
Jonne Valtonen (Purple Motion)
Martin Iveson (nuke)
Jake Kaufman (virt)
Neil Baldwin (Demon)
Jonathan Dunn (Choroid)
Jochen Hippel (Mad Max)


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