Captain Kuk – ip04

join the impulse project crew for both ‘classic’ and recently discovered tunes that we totally dig. its okay if you listen to it multiple times. we understand.

  • captain beezay (ViRiLiTY keygen) – bzl (8 channel 51kb)
  • – Jakim (24 channels 572kb)
  • knulla-kuk.mod – moby^ATZ (4 channel 154kb)
  • – beek^ske (13 channels 55kb)
  • her_cloud – syphus^bdse (4 channels 32kb)
  • tdk_-_darkchip.mod – TDK (4 channels 20kb)

download the files –> impulseproject04.tar.gz

hosts: @dokidokipanic @manovermars @ruiner9 – Jakim – moby (aka elmobo) – beek – syphus

One Reply to “Captain Kuk – ip04”

  1. Hi guys!
    Just found this awesome pod while listening to the Pixel audio podcast.
    The meaning of the mod knullakuk is actually swedish and translates to “fuck dick”.

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