Afternoon Mothership – ip18

no feature, no focus. just an awesome mix of scene goodness and you can’t go wrong with that.

  • loonie-biohazard.xm – Loonie^group (8 channel XM 545kb)
  • I_Died_Defending_the_Mothership.sid – Uneksija^svenonacid (8580)
  • pink-afternoon_voyage2.mod – pink^abyss (4 channel MOD 36kb)
  • ARPYSUNDAY.xm – sacio (6 channel XM 22kb)
  • my_glamorous_life.mod – jester^insanity (4 channel MOD 192kb)
  • serpent_-_golden_stream.xm – Serpent^Brainstorm (8 channel XM 202kb)
  • Boomshot!.mod – AceMan / Dreamweb^HUGE LOAD (4 channel MOD 481kb)

original files/modules located here –> impulseproject18.tar.gz

Artist Links:
Serpent soundcloud

4 Replies to “Afternoon Mothership – ip18”

  1. Best chipmusic podcast I’ve come across for sure! Thanks for featuring one of my childish tunes in there between all the great trax.

    If I’m not mistaken, the xm file specs only allows an even number of channels (2, 4, 6, … , 32) so I guess that’s why I had to use six. Could possibly optimize a lot of my tracks further but most of my tunes are tracked just for fun and not used in any form of production.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, sacio! I still wake up on random mornings and start humming Arpy Sunday’s melody while I’m eating breakfast. It makes my day so much happier!

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