Backpack Burgers (Revision 2016) – ip12

we’re back featuring music from Revision 2016 demoparty that took place March 25-28, 2016 in Saarbrücken, Germany. Revision is the largest demoparty around and always delivers some of the most amazing scene prods, graphics, and music. a blast to watch and even more fun for those that attended. we picked out our top 5 tracks released at the event so you’re in for a ride. vote evilbot!

  • A_Computer_In_My_Backpack.sid – Lft^Kryo (8580)
  • flz-franz_sansisco.xm – Fegolhuzz^Panda Design (16 channel 68kb)
  • gumdrops.mod – Juice (4 channel 860kb)
  • Starchild.mod – Virgill & Dascon (4 channel 157kb)
  • flz-8bitburgers.sid – Fegolhuzz^Panda Design (8580)

download the files from the show –> impulseproject12.tar.gz

compo results:

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9

artist links
Lft –
Juice – soundcloud
Virgill – soundcloud
Dascon – soundcloud |
[Revision 2016, demo party, demoscene, Amiga, C64]

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  1. I really enjoyed Linus Akesson’s song. I loaded it into my C64 (real machine, not emulator) but it played with wrong playback rate. It seems that the reason for that is because the program was coded to run on european C64 computers, which operate with a difference clock frequency if compared to the USA ones (which is what I have here in Brazil)… 🙁

    It plays nicely on the european c64 driver in MAME.
    This is indeed a lovely tune!

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