Project Intro – ip01

the ‘kickstart’ episode to set the show. enjoy!

  • trainer2.mod – estrayk of paradox (4 channel 59k)
  • StarChip.xm – by dubmood and JosSs (4 channel 66k)
  • gatecrashing.mod – subject (4 channel 51k)
  • phantasmagoria.mod – 4-mat of anarchy (4 channel 134k)

download the files –> impulseproject01.tar.gz

2 Replies to “Project Intro – ip01”

  1. Millennial kid here, I’m probably one of the very few kids into this kind of music on Earth, and I’ve listened to ip02 and 03 already. Im learning quite a bit already, and look forward to the next episode.

    1. Awesome, glad you’re diggin the show. Check out the first ep too since the music is not to be missed. New show to come out in the next week. Keep an eye out!

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