Jive Showdown: Intro to 2A03 – ip25

Impulse Project ep 25

the NES was the definition of household gaming for many of us around the world. and while we got a load of great tunes from games, it wasn’t until much later in the console’s life that people started writing music independently from the industry using various trackers and compilers to exploit the audio capabilities. in this episode we bring the nsf format into the mix for a spotlight on the beloved 2A03 sound chip and it’s “expansion” chip siblings.

  • ilmarque_-_french_god.nsf – ilmarque^Trilobit
  • high-hopes.nsf – ruuvari^aspekt
  • 5B_spring_tame.nsf – djmaximum
  • JiveThrice.nsf – ipi
  • SHOWDOWNVIP.nsf – DaChampster
  • Mass Purple.wav – Keishi Yonao
  • knifus.nsf – Xaimus & Knifa

download the tunes here –> impulseproject25.tar.gz

Episode title image: NES by Sajko / Mental

Ice Cream Ridge – ip03

episode 03 mixes some of the new and some of the old. each track could have been in a game to some degree but, nope! all standalone gems. enjoy!

  • quartex.mod reflex (4 channel 32k)
  • Frigid_Ridge.itNgen, Mooncell, and Scenemusic (27 ch 195kb)
  • icecreamorchards.itipi and goluigi (19 channel 12kb)
  • seeker – xtd^union (4 channel 26k)
  • ekorren-crackchip.it – Ekorren (8 channel 214k)
  • algar_-_adengrenclementin.xm – algar^TJC (4 channel 13k)

download the files –> impulseproject03.tar.gz

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9