Ice Cream Ridge – ip03

episode 03 mixes some of the new and some of the old. each track could have been in a game to some degree but, nope! all standalone gems. enjoy!

  • quartex.mod reflex (4 channel 32k)
  • Frigid_Ridge.itNgen, Mooncell, and Scenemusic (27 ch 195kb)
  • icecreamorchards.itipi and goluigi (19 channel 12kb)
  • seeker – xtd^union (4 channel 26k)
  • – Ekorren (8 channel 214k)
  • algar_-_adengrenclementin.xm – algar^TJC (4 channel 13k)

download the files –> impulseproject03.tar.gz

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9

Toilet Superheroes – ip02

in episode 02 we’ve picked a set of tracks completely new to us. more modern but still retain the ‘scene’ vibe. enjoy :)

  • toilet4.xm – by Ghidorah (16 channel 119k)
  • K_SPIRAL.S3M – Leviathan (14 channel 538kb)
  • jump_with_me.xm – zalza (10 channel 42k)
  • unreeeal_superhero_3.xm – rez, kenet (10 channel 34k)

download the files –> impulseproject02.tar.gz

oh, here’s the link for Candy Crisis

Here’s a cool video we found of Unreeeal Superhero 3 played on piano.

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9

Project Intro – ip01

the ‘kickstart’ episode to set the show. enjoy!

  • trainer2.mod – estrayk of paradox (4 channel 59k)
  • StarChip.xm – by dubmood and JosSs (4 channel 66k)
  • gatecrashing.mod – subject (4 channel 51k)
  • phantasmagoria.mod – 4-mat of anarchy (4 channel 134k)

download the files –> impulseproject01.tar.gz


Impulse Project is a podcast created so that we can share excellent music from the demoscene and groups that thrived in the 80’s and 90’s. This includes recent chiptunes, MOD, XM, S3M, IT, YM, and SID modules from all the greatest trackers and artists.