Taunt the Dead – ip09

we’re back with a new episode that’s geared around the ‘unorthodox’ or in other works, music that might need a double-take to fully swallow. join the fun. ; )

  • Fod_afraid_of_falling_upwards.itFear of Dark (20 Ch. – 1.5mb)
  • antialias.mod – stressball^iris (4 Channels – 367kb)
  • all-dead.xm – Weevil (14 Channels – 944kb)
  • donttau.xm – FOXFIRE /J/M/T/M (16 Channels 367kb)
  • Heartical_Chip_Riddim.sid – Ultrasyd (PAL 6581, 23kb)
  • ode2ptk.mod – Asle^Lithium/ReDoX (4 Channels, 23kb)

download the files –> impulseproject09.tar.gz

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9

artist links
Ultrasyd – soundcloud.com/ultrasydUltrasyd.free.fr/
Fear of Dark – fearofdark.bandcamp.com/music
FOXFIRE – johnmarwin.co.nr  | johnmarwin.bandcamp.com


4 Replies to “Taunt the Dead – ip09”

  1. Very surprised to hear an XM I made when I was 16 appear on this show! You made my day guys.

    Most of the samples were ripped from other tunes or recorded into FT2 with a mic/line input, I think the guitar sound was actually a butchered harpsichord sample from a Casio CT-655 keyboard. The voice samples are from Blood (another build-engine shooter) and Duke3D.

    This would have been made in an afternoon, just for fun. I was not a member of any group around that time – the basshead attribution you mention is probably just carried over from a sample I ripped – although I did recently do some chip music for a CRTC demo called The Master of your Old School.

    You can find more of my stuff on my website.

    Cheers, and thanks for the great show!

    1. That’s so awesome and I’m glad you found the show! How’d you come across it? I can only imagine hearing some guys talking about some tune you did back as a teenager must be kinda crazy. Anyways, it was a great track and always fun to uncover these songs from back in the day.

      1. I’m getting back into chip music, so I was doing some research and found bucky’s NES audio youtube videos, which led me to the Retro Game Audio podcast, and then to you after searching for more. I’m still working through the backlog but I’m digging the format so far, you guys have a great chemistry and the on-the-spot reactions to each other’s picks give the show a lot of vitality.

        Obviously hearing that old tune blew me away, it gave me a lot of confidence to pursue this, so thanks again.

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