Frozen Beeps – ip34

we didn’t get a lot of episodes out in 2017 because life didn’t work too well on our end. BUT 2018 is looking a lot more promising already. in this episode we’re starting off the new year with some wintery tracks that we think you’ll love. break out the headphones and the hot cocoa! (or just turn on your dormitory ice machine instead ūüėČ

  • NOV1ST.S3M ‚Äď Zirconia (16 channel S3M 847kb)
  • ‚Äď Warlord^Armagon (SAP POKEY)
  • Snow-Day-PAL.vgm ‚Äď Jredd (Sega Genesis/ MD Compliant VGM file 85kb)
  • iceflower.ahx ‚Äď KAM_^IRIS (17k AHX)
  • BotB 27041 Yung Gotenks – Mystical Beeps.nsf ‚Äď Yung Gotenks (NTSC NSF)
  • Ice_Machine.sid ‚Äď Kosa^Tridam (SID 4b) / (6581) PAL

download the files here –>¬†impulseproject34.tar.gz¬†| cue sheet

*artwork credit: “Winter is Coming”¬†by Yazoo / Arsenic ^ Oxyron
5th in the X 2016 Graphics Competition (C64)

Blueberry Afro – ip19

impulse project episode 19

episode 19 features a lot of recent discoveries for us as well as some brand-new tunes for the scene in general. no rhyme or reason for the selection, just awesome music (and from artists we haven’t played on the show yet). So kick back and listen to the mix.

  • porn_industryy.xm¬†– DROZERiX (10 channel XM 57kb)
  •¬†– cag (32 channel IT 983kb)
  • 83623-blinded.xm¬†– Wabe, Magma (06 channel XM 35kb)
  • Sadly_Voice.sid¬†– Olsen^Amorphis (5kb SID) / (8580)
  • Sad_Zak.sid¬†– Taurus^Unity/Shelters (4kb SID) / (8580)
  • zebra afro.mod¬†– corpsicle^iNSANE (04 channel MOD 94kb)
  • Signalflen.mod –¬†ALPAiDUS^iNSANE (04 channel MOD 27kb)

original files/modules¬†located here –>¬†impulseproject19.tar.gz

Eternal Storm (FOReVER 2016) – ip11

today we’re¬†featuring music from FOReVER 2016 – Defender of the 8 Bits¬†that took place March 18-20, 2016 in¬†Horn√° S√ļńća, Trenńć√≠n Slovakia. FOReVER¬†focuses on the 8-bit scene and has numerous compos for gfx, music, and more. there were a lot of strong entries but¬†we’ve¬†picked out 4 of our favorites. enjoy!

  • The_Adventures_of_Dr Sid.d64Vegard^svenonacid (8580)
  • Eternal Defender AY FORMAT.ay – Lamer Pinky ^ Gemba Boys¬†(ZX Spectrum)
  • c0z-TheFirstStorm-8580.sid c0zmo^BLiSS¬†(8580)
  • heartsease.ay – buzzkej¬†(ZX Spectrum)

download the files ‚Äď>¬†impulseproject11.tar.gz

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9

artist links
Lamer Pinky¬†–¬†soundcloud
[FOReVER 2016, demo party, demoscene, ZX Spectrum, C64]