Endless Escape: Forever 2017 – ip28

we’ve moved onto another great demo party that took place in Slovakia march 17-19 called FOReVER “Mad Max the 8 bit road” -this is strictly an 8-bit party that primarily focuses on c64, zx spectrum, and the 8-bit atari family. there was a ton of great music and we’ve got some of our favorites to share.

  • Endless Road.gbs AceMan^Dreamweb^Appendix (GameBoy)
  • Furiosa’s Escape.pt3 – Quiet (ZX Spectrum, YM)
  • Helicoid-Uctumi-PVM.d64 – Uctumi^PVM (C64 8580)
  • xagon-stay_chiptuned.sqt – X-agon (ZX Spectrum)

download the tracks here: impulseproject28.tar.gzcue sheet

Image credit:Just Mad” by LCD

2 Replies to “Endless Escape: Forever 2017 – ip28”

  1. Next time talking about Forever and CZ/SK/PL ZX scene, just ask 🙂 X-agon’s credentials are pretty known but just not findable on the internet. And btw. his track Stay Chiptuned is for ACB stereo.

    1. oh man, thanks! yeah, we just got off of what we can find. we don’t always get the most accurate info but we try 🙂 hope you liked the show and we’ll definitely hit you up with questions tho!

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