Delicious Sunrise – ip08

an excellent assortment of tunes this week as well as some tracks from the Tokyo Demo Fest 2016 mixed music compo

  • –  IMode & Outshined (32 Channels – 635kb)
  • tomorrow_without_you.xm – malmen & joule (32 Channels – 187kb)
  • Boreal Sunrise.sid – Toggle (PAL 8580)
  • delicious_nightmare.mod – Jason (4 Channels 202kb)
  • Tirana – kazpulse + Mi-2 (FL Studio 10, Miroslav Philharmonik, FM8, Massive)
  • Save Our Planet – FL1NE (FLStudio 12, Sylenth1)

download the files –> impulseproject08.tar.gz

hosts: @dokidokipanic @ruiner9

artist links
kazpulse – | Mi-2
Jason –
Toggle (Tobias Göhlke)
malmen (Kristoffer Malmgren) –
FL1NE (previously known as T_S)

and of course, you can check out the other compo tracks from the Tokyo Demo Fest 2016 here!

5 Replies to “Delicious Sunrise – ip08”

  1. Hey guys! I know I’m a bit late to the party but wow… thank you so much for featuring my tune and for all your kind words! You just made my day 😀

  2. Wow, 99? it’s been that long? Thanks for featuring us.

    I actually dug up some old cd’s with loads of mods from that era
    and ended up searching for some of the songs I’ve lost over the years. Eventually I stumbled to your show. How come I didn’t know such show existed? 🙂 Yes sir, I like it.

    btw. Sound(d)evotion was the name we created for our co-ops, even later on we got couple of members more… Then came life and SD kinda disappeared ;D


    1. haha, thanks! and the track was awesome! join in the FB group if you haven’t already too and post some more of your stuff there too

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