Big Floppy Earth – ip36

one last episode to end 2018. no theme, no frills. lets kill off the year with some scene tunes …and they all kick ass.

  • The Past – The Present – The Future.xm – Skyrunner (32 channel XM 1975kb)
  • TUC_Big_Floppy_People_06.sndh – Alchemist^The Ultra Crew (8kb Atari ST)
  • the_java_trip.xm – Drax^Vibrants (20 channel XM 332kb)
  • 8bp131-02-doomcloud-welcome_to_dudley_town.mp3 – doomcloud (MIDINES)
  • kustomnized.ahx – Pink^Abyss (04 channel AHX 7kb)
  • 200_miles_from_earth.xm – Khyron^Kosmos (20 channel XM 864kb)

download the files here –> impulseproject36.tar.gz

art credit: “Datazombies” by Archmage
1st place in the Big Floppy People 2007 C64 GFX Compo

2 Replies to “Big Floppy Earth – ip36”

  1. Hey there… The Alchemist here… It’s so cool to hear my track again (I was searching for another one that won the GBISTP’92) and stumbled across this podcast!

    JRB and I are different people… JRB was The Spy in the Ultra Crew (and Untouchables) and normally did graphics… he’s now doing a lot of mixing… you can find his stuff if you search for “JRB Mixcloud”.

    If you search YouTube for “The Great British International ST Party 1992” you can see The Spy getting his 1st prize for gfx at 12:50 and me getting 1st prize for music at 13:18.

    It was annoying because the guy who won 2nd place won a copy of Jochen Hippel’s “Give it a try” and I offered to swap my prize money (£40) for it and he wouldn’t! (It was totally the better prize at the time!)

    If you want any other info, let me know!

    1. whoa! glad you found us!! your stuff is great 🙂 and totally seems like you got the raw end the compo prize haha thanks bug, also find us on the FB group. lots of old sceners are hanging around there

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